About the firm:

            Our Institution was founded in 1993 as Tartak Usługowo – Handlowy Mikołaj Procyk w Stalach. It was changed to Zakład Przemysłu Drzewnego „DREWNEX” Mikołaj Procyk w Stalach in 2000.
We operate in sawmill products, wood manufacture also their sales in Poland and abroad.

            Main firm products are: roof rafters, pine slats, pine friezes, floor boards, timbering deal, balustrade boards, summer-resort garden shed, pales, milled boards, plywood timber, etc.

            We export our goods to: Hungary, Austria, England and roof elements to Germany.

            At workshop we own: deal drying room with load capacity 100m3. The company is located entourage of forests, close to lumber logging base, proper production and store camp with: 1000m2 of surface halls also social and office rooms. We have also full machine base, including own transportation up to 12 tons.

            With our experience, many years' practice and acquaintance of timber branch, good distinguish in supplier market, skill of referring contacts with people, and also good production and trade base camp - we know, that we are able to cooperation with your company on high standard.